IN OFFICE CLOSING: IN RESPONSE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, TO LIMIT EXPOSURE FOR ALL INDIVIDUALS, ONLY THOSE INDIVIDUALS SIGNING DOCUMENTS (AND THEIR ATTORNEY) ATTEND CLOSING. ALL OTHER INDIVIDUALS WILL NEED TO WAIT FOR COMPLETION OF CLOSING OUTSIDE OF OUR OFFICE. At the closing table, adequate space is provided for the parties to exercise social distancing. Each closing room is sanitized upon the completion of the closing. You will be provided new pens out of the box that can be discarded or taken with you. Your closer will place the closing documents on the table and collect photo ids and funds for closing. Documents requiring notarization will be placed at the top of the closing package and your closer will witness from a distance and retreat until your attorney has finished going over the balance of your package. Once signing is complete, your closer will review the documents for any missing signatures or errors, make a copy of the closing package and you are free to leave while awaiting funding approval from your lender. Attorney and clients will be notified at the time of disbursement.
Please contact your closing office immediately, if you have been feeling unwell with any type of illness; or have been around someone who has been running fever in the previous 24 hours; or been exposed to someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the previous 14- days; or been diagnosed with COVID-19 and you have not been released from a physician. To avoid the risk of exposure, we reserve the right to reschedule your closing.

ALTERNATIVE CLOSING OPTIONS: The Governor modified certain parts of the Illinois Notary Act by allowing the assistance of audio-visual technology to facilitate the social distancing necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In the interest of providing our customers an alternative to in office closings, we are implementing the following procedures, outlined below, which are EFFECTIVE for the duration of the public health emergency (unless extended or otherwise modified).
1. Two-way audio-video communication technology for direct, contemporaneous interaction between the individual signing the documents (“the signatory”) and the notary/closer by sight and sound;
2. Parties, including lender, must authorize in writing the use of the video notary process; 3. The signatory must be physically located in Illinois during the two-way audio-video communication; 4. The parties must have access to secure internet connection with a computer with audio/video capabilities; 5. Lender’s closing documents will need to be at the title company 24 hours prior to signing in order to set up the package and send it out to the signers. Once the signing is complete, the closing package must be delivered to your closer at the title branch for notarization and to obtain funding approval from the lender. 6. Once your closer has the documents in their possession, they will complete the closing process; 7. Once the file is funded, all parties will be notified.

VALET CLOSING OPTION: We will be happy to accommodate parties that are unable to utilize one of the closing options above to close your transaction. For the safety of our staff as well as our customers, this option is available at specific branches only. The Valet option would allow for the buyers/borrowers to sign their closing documents in their car at a specified branch with the assistance of your escrow officer. In the event of inclement weather, the closing will need to either be conducted inside of our office or be conducted via remote notarization as described above. Please contact your closing office at the time of scheduling to coordinate which option works best for your transaction.